About Us

Merging eastern traditions with western style, Razavi Collection perfectly unites art, energy, and aesthetic. Founded by a mother – daughter trio, the hand-crafted jewelry brand was brought to life after Designer and CEO Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. On a mission to protect and empower herself throughout her battle, and ultimately her recovery, Kathy began hand crafting evil eye jewelry. Traditionally known as an ancient symbol of protection, her bespoke pieces quickly became a hit among friends, family, and fashionistas alike. Today the brand, which is still overseen by Kathy and her two daughters, delivers exquisite jewelry handcrafted with semi-precious and precious stones – each possessing unique healing and protective properties. Loved by celebrities such as Addison Rae and Yara Shahidi, Razavi Collection’s sought after designs, featuring evil eyes, crystals, and gemstones, remain the brands secret tool to manifest daily empowerment and security. To further cultivate a positive and protected universe, the brand proudly donates 10% of proceeds to a monthly hand-picked charity.